Sad Day in DC Sports: Caps Lose Game 7, Wizards Lose Game 5 – 5.14

Well that sucked.

In typical DC sports fashion, both the Capitals and Wizards lost close playoff games in excruciating manner. The Capitals were knocked out of playoff contention after an overtime goal by the Cap-killa Rangers. And the Wizards were up by one point after another clutch three-pointer from Paul Pierce, aka the Truth, with eight seconds left… but lost by a point on a stupid, dumb putback by Al Horford – who’s absolutely killed us all series. Oof. If DC sports fans weren’t banging on tables or shaming Nene on Twitter, they were probably crying.

Shout out to all the Caps fans who had a rough time last night. Chin up, DC. We’ll have our time. It’s coming.


Topics Covered:

  • Did the Capitals choke?
  • What’s next for the Caps?
  • Trotz and the team’s culture change
  • What’s Ovechkin’s legacy?
  • What about Mike Green?
  • And yo, thanks to the Blaguard for hosting us
  • Michael Taylor’s grand slam to beat the Diamondbacks
  • Wizards painful loss
  • Who’s to blame for Al Horford’s putback?
  • Should Gortat have been in for the last play?
  • John Wall’s amazingness
  • Jeff Teague, bitch
  • The Hawks adjustment in the fourth quarter
  • Series prediction – do the Wizards have a chance?
  • Shout out to Truth About It – one of our favorite DC sports blog
  • Al Horford to DC in 2016?
  • Santana Moss not being resigned and his legacy
  • Still reason for optimism in DC



Ryan McBurney

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