PODCAST: Our Take on Bruce Allen, the Redskins and the Kirk (Kurt) Cousins Contract Fiasco

To nobody’s surprise, a long-term deal for Kirk Cousins was not made by the Washington Redskins. And to nobody’s surprise, the Redskins organization looked silly and childish after they decided to play games with the media and release a full statement about what happened behind closed doors. Oh, and our GM called Kirk “Kurt” about six times in two minutes during said statement. 

Will Kirk Cousins be a Washington Redskin in 2018? Probably not. We talk about this and more on our latest dc sports podcast:

  • Kirk Cousins Redskins news
  • Redskins statement
  • Bruce Allen and “Kurt”
  • Kirk Cousins leverage
  • Team-friendly contracts
  • We’re back to being a dysfunctional franchise
  • Dark years are ahead
  • Nate Sudfeld!
  • What if Kirk Cousins isn’t even good? Maybe it will be good for no long-term deal?
  • Nats trades
  • Sean Dolittle and Ryan Madson – big bullpen upgrades
  • More moves are needed
  • High impact offense = maximum sexiness


Ryan McBurney

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