Our story?


I suppose we are just a group of friends born and raised in DC who work too much, drink too much, and care way way too much about the ups and (mostly) down of DC Sports.


Steinberg recently called us the “Loss Generation”. Yes, we are those decrepit millennial d-bags  that have cursed the world of DC Sports for decades.


Our birthright is disappointment, molded by impressive bouts of false hope, foolishness, and comical self sabotage.


  • Remember Brad Johnson? Yea – consider that 9th round chubster our Generation’s most talented QB.
  • Remember Mitch Richmond? Another fun trip down memory lane. We miss you, Chris.
  • Remember Game 5 aga… ahhh screw it. You get the idea.


The Standing Room was born out of pure unabashed love for all things DC Sports. For better or worse – we are addicted.


Oh, and hey – here’s three of us at the aforementioned game 5. The older gentleman in front of us was one of the coolest guys we’ve met at a game. He’s pretty much our hero. Dude went nuts after Kurt Suzuki’s RBI.